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Bookkeeping and Finacial management Services forsmall businesses

Bookkeeping, QuickBooks, Xero, Taxes, Payroll, Receiver general - All these things, either you can do it easily or learn it easily. But you need to develop and expand your business -which is most important. Also, no matter what, you would lack SOME professional insights about your business, for the way your business can do better.
Also with today's advance technology and internet applications, cloud etc., you can directly attach the source document(invoice etc) to the entry in the program itself. You can automate a lot of tasks, repetitive entries and save a considerable amount of time. We have helped no of businesses to develop and establish a paperless accounting environment.

 If any one or more of these scenarios related to you, please get in touch. We will resolve the issue together.
• Your books are in such a terrible shape, you need to correct them, at the reasonable cost!
• You have neglected accounting as an avoidable business task, without any positives.
• You are still maintaining excel spreadsheets for your accounting work.
• You know that you are making money but where, how much through what, you have no idea!
• In the absence of books or rather proper books, you are paying taxes like HST, WSIB etc. by educated guesses.
• Year-end is being done by an accountant with a notice to reader and filing of your taxes at the huge price!
• Whatever figures you produce or submit are of no use to you for any sort of decision making.
• And the best (or worst, I should say) part is you have no idea where your business is heading even though you think otherwise all the time.
• You have no system set up in order to know whether various payments are coming to you correctly.
• You spend a lot of time in juggling these tasks, not enough time to develop, expand your business.
• You pay a lot of money for services like payroll etc to outside agencies.
• You still use and rely heavily on cheques for your financial transactions.
• Paper is still the dominant element of your business, records and transactions.
• It takes a while for financial transactions to go through. You need direct deposits, direct payment methods which are effective and efficient and also cost-effective.
• You pay a lot of penalties for the late payments, missing deadlines etc.
Why Outsourcing?:

Let’s ascertain the general costs of hiring a bookkeeper.One bookkeeper at the rate of $20 to $25 would cost you anywhere between 40000 to 50000 per year.Year-end tax preparation, CPA expenses around 7500.So the total cost would be around 47500 to 57500.
Frequently for small companies, the bookkeeping process is delegated to a single person.
Bookkeeping is completely unavoidable, and negligence always comes back to bite you.
Downtime between employees and the hiring process can be extremely taxing, and it means valuable time is spent in bookkeeping crisis mode.
With a single bookkeeping employee, you are at the mercy of their experience, honesty and reliability.

Outsourced Accounting: On the other hand, you can have a professional, outsourced accounting firm doing your accounting in professional manner with accurate tax submissions and other things in a timely and professional manner at the fraction of the cost.And we are not talking about offshore outsourcing – but a local, Canada -based, high-performing accounting team working for you, all while understanding your business and constantly working to optimize your financial processes and day-to-day tasks.Working with a remote, outsourced accounting department can bring you the stability and peace of mind you’ve been seeking for your financial operations.
Give us a call at 647-702-8034. We will provide you with a complete solution at the cost less than your accounting costs at the moment.

Who are we

We are not accountants.• We do not speak accounting language.• We, in fact, speak the language where your numbers can make sense to you.• We are equally comfortable with high volume, technology-heavy work(like lots of documents, scanners etc) to the shoebox of receipts of accounting.• We can clear up any existing messy situation. We can also start your books afresh in a structured manner. Whichever case is applicable to you.• We can provide our services on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly basis.• We have an expertise of QuickBooks, Xero, and Simply Accouanting, but we are in general, good with almost all other software packages of today.• We provide 100% professional work to your utmost satisfaction.

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About Us

Mr Sajid Shaikh established Accu-Counts to offer business consulting for small businesses. He provides the leadership and forward-thinking that has got us this far. Here is the LinkedIn profile of him to give you the better the idea about his experience and qualifications. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sammy-sajid/?originalSubdomain=ca


    Accounts Receivable
    Accounts Payable
    Tax remittance calculations (HST, EHT, WS&IB, payroll deductions)
    Budget preparation
    Financial statements
    Cash flow preparation
    Organize and setup your companyâs financial records
    Month-end reports, Quarterly reports, and Year End Financial Statements
    Monthly Account reconciliations
    Government remittances
    Payroll source deductions, HST, WSIB, EHT submission
    Year end T4 summaries, T4 slips preparation
    Year end  reports prepared for the Accountant

Restaurant Industry

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    You are into restaurant business because you love food, you love people enjoying the taste that you, your restaurant offers, and you, are really passionate about the main aspect of business.
    But, again, that doesn’t mean you should spend your time for books, taxes etc., where you might not be that good and also there are only 24 hours in a day. You need to spend your efforts at what you are best at, increase and expand your business and let us worry about your books, taxes etc.
    You also need to decide, know about various issues in your business. Like more profitable line, more profitable location, more profitable divisions, payroll, employees. All the analysis, help you need before your decision making!
    We are able to do so with our extensive experience in the industry. Give us a call to find out what we can do without any obligation for the call.

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QuickBooks, Xero, HubDoc, TelPay Direct Deposits
Complex reconciliations
Cleaning up of QuickBooks Files
Set up of an Inventory
Setting up the system to measure performance of divisions, products,locations or any other applicable criteria to the business.
Setting up the direct deposit

Contact Us

If you’re interested in our services or any questions, feel free to getin touch with us. 


301- 2 Secord AveToronto ON M4C 2C3


Monday - Saturday: 11 AM - 9 PM



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